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6 Tips For Attracting Woman

Dating is not easy for everyone. To some it could an exciting and fun activity that allows them to meet other people, and maybe even their potential life partner! But for others, this ritual can feel like a slow and painful torture, leading to an execution; especially for those men who do not have much luck when it comes to attracting women.

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Little Prayers That Strengthen Relationships

My mentor, a brilliant PhD, with a powerful marriage-counseling ministry recently shared 2 shocking statistics with me: 1. Out of every 10 Christians, 7 of them have been sexually abused in the dream. 2.

10 out of 10 women whose marriages are not working regularly have sex in the dream. (He should know. He handled 21,000 cases in his ministry last year).

This is a rather difficult topic to discuss, but the good news is that a few obscure scriptures in the Bible hold the key to total freedom, so you can sleep better at night with your spouse. What To Do Because of these revelations, his prayer team has created 27 "earthquake" prayer points. Those who have prayed them confirm: - It's effective in pulling back marriages from the brink of disaster - It mends broken marriages - It brings back honey, love and joy into relationships Caution My mentor cautions that anyone who wants to pray them must be genuinely born again, and must NOT be cheating on their spouse. He also advises that best result comes if you fast during the prayers.

To go full throttle, you start the prayers around the midnight hour. A Real World Example In many relationships today, you find a pattern of: * breakup or divorce either in the man's family or on the woman's side or both. * marital problems transferred from one generation to another. * hidden spiritual "marriages" in place. * invisible marks of hatred placed on the man or woman.

This makes one repulsive to the other and vice versa - after only a few years of marriage. * warning signals ignored or simply not understood. Sometimes these warnings came through dreams. To give you an example, once we found a man who was deeply in love with his date. and they got married - for 6 months. Then all of a sudden he couldn't stand the sight of her.

No one could think of anything wrong that she had done. Eventually he walked out on her. She went for counseling. no solution.

Her friends took her to all kinds of "prophets." She went to see 5 different therapists, 2 psychics and even a hypnotist. Nothing worked. She went into prayer asking God for a more compatible person to date.

No response. As she put it, she had desperately prayed to God to send her that special someone with whom she could glorify and give Him praise. no answer.

In fact all she seemed to be getting turned out to be nothing but "wolves in sheep's clothing." She gave up. not knowing how to navigate the tricky minefield of finding a sincere, godfearing man to share her love with. Then the Lord had mercy on her.

One day, a friend at work invited her to a Friday night prayer meeting. It was a charged and anointed session. and miracles were happening. During the prayers one sister noticed an invisible mark on her forehead.

a tiny star-shaped symbol that was not visible to the naked eye. She stopped the prayers and raised this singular prayer point just for her: "Blood of Jesus, wipe off all handwriting of hatred and rejection from my life in the name of Jesus." They prayed it 3 hot times, praised the LORD for the answer and moved right on to the next prayer point. Result? That same weekend the husband called for the very first time since the breakup. 12 more sessions of anointed prayers (with fasting) followed .and hubby came home.

Do you happen to know anyone whose relationship is not all it could be, maybe a friend or even a relative? * Or the marriage is on the verge of hitting the rocks. * Or has broken down already. * Or tell-tale signs of wear and tear are beginning to show. * Or someone believing the LORD for a godly spouse. * Or any couple just trying to safeguard their marriage.

* Or a close friend just fed up with the boredom and loneliness of the single life? In other words. If you happen to know any Christian friend whose marriage is not all that it could be, do them a favor -give them these 3 prayer points for a start. 1. Every marine witchcraft that has introduced spirit wife/husband in my dreams, be roasted by fire in the name of Jesus. 2.

Every agent of marine witchcraft posing as my husband/wife in the dream, be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus. 3. Every agent of marine witchcraft physically attached to my marriage to frustrate it, die by fire in the name of Jesus.

Elisha Goodman is an online prayer coach focused on teaching the little-known secrets of answered prayers. For a limited time, his prayer manual containing the 7 simple prayers that open the door to success, abundance and healthy relationships is available for FREE download at: http://www.1christianbook.com

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