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6 Tips For Attracting Woman

Dating is not easy for everyone. To some it could an exciting and fun activity that allows them to meet other people, and maybe even their potential life partner! But for others, this ritual can feel like a slow and painful torture, leading to an execution; especially for those men who do not have much luck when it comes to attracting women.

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The things that guys want to know about their Russian brides Part

What do guys usually want to know about their online brides? These are the most important questions asked by men from our online brides. Tips of what to ask and what not to ask your online bride while corresponding with her. .

This article was prepared based on the men's letters to our Russian brides. We decided to show you which are the most common questions you ask the ladies, and to tell you what questions are absolutely inappropriate to ask and what questions the ladies answer with please. Learn on other's mistakes and avoid repeating them, some of these inappropriate questions turned women off and man left questioning himself what could happen and why his woman doesn't respond.

.1) How many men are you corresponding with?. .When people after few frustrating tries to be happy in love relationships decide to start searching in the Internet, it means that they don't want to have negative experiences any more. Basicly they want to secure themselves, because it's very difficult to make a right choice just according to the guy's or girl's profile, unless you naturally have a great intuition.

So, this becomes a good reason why men and women are corresponding with several people at once. This is a common and good start for the "second half" searches in the Internet. At first you start communicating with several Russian brides that you've chosen and you think they suit you most of all, then after a couple of letters you get a better idea of their personalities and again you select for yourself. The same thing happens to the ladies. They also can write to several guys and they also have a right to choose, though they are more sensible and can make their decision to continue corresponding with some guy even after the first letter. It means that the ladies have a less number of online partners than men.

That's why it is so important to ask the girl right questions and not to offend her. And it's worth mentioning, that since women originally are monogamous, after starting their husband search from the communication with the several guys, they prefer to choose a right one and tend to continue their correspondence with only one man in order to get to know him as good as possible. .2) Do you agree to marry me? (this question is considered to be inappropriate at the early stage of communication)..

.Asking this question at the early stage of your virtual relationship is really inappropriate. When you both make first attempts to become closer with each other through the correspondence, you try to understand one another better, to imagine how you usually try to live your day and other more serious topics. Many people cannot answer this question even after having some relationships for several months. Although, it happens that things may go that smooth that girls could make their decision regarding marriage right after starting correspondence, though that's very seldom.

Of course, she must know which guy from the whole bunch she is attracted to most of all. However, the guys that already have their Russian wives and those who have an experience of communication with the Russian bride say and strongly recommend the others to come to the girlfriend's country after 3 months of correspondence. Otherwise, it will make difficult to continue already established positive relationship and keep them warm for a long time.

Actually, guys can feel from the letters when the relationship is quite strong and enough serious and when the girl is ready to meet him and when they both are ready to do the next step. .3) Do you speak English well?.

.Most of the women in CIS do not know English. However, due to the demand of the modern time the percentage of girls who speak English language increases. A lot of international companies that appeared on CIS market during the recent years demand the knowledge of English from their employees, when in the past decades, there was almost no need in knowing English for local people. .

After few years of USSR collapse, the English language meant a higher salary and better work conditions for those who have learnt it. Some time after, people started understanding what privileges this opportunity can give. and they started studying English. In that time it was very popular to learn English, and everybody tried to study it, though not so many of them continued and obtained good results.

.Now people are more concerned about their English skills, since now locals have more opportunities to have fellowship with the native speakers. But the problem is that many persons don't have a chance to afford their English classes since comparatively this service can be quite expensive for the local people.

Many young ladies start studying English language on their own. They usually use special self-teaching computer disks or buy specialized literature. But as a rule they stop doing it when start having more difficult tasks.

Many of them know some English words, but can't speak fluently and build sentences. And of course, without actually practising it, their language barrier is tremendous. Especially, if to take into consideration that they have no idea about the difference in English that is spoken by Russian-speaking people (Soviet English, if it can be called so) and by native speakers. .4) Are your letters translated or do you read and write in English?.

.Some of the girls registered in "Oksanalove" know a little English, but they are afraid to say even one word in English because of the high language barrier. That's why their letters are translated, they cannot write letters themselves. Sometimes, the girls try to write to their men in the agency just to see how good they are in expressing their thoughts. Gradually, step-by-step after having intensive English language course in the agency (that is usually arranged for them by their online boyfriends) girls can write some short and simple messages to their fiances or even try to speak with the beloved ones on phone without the help of an interpreter. The guys are usually so happy to receive the messages written by their brides that it's just lies beyond the words :)! For the ladies that do know English on a basic or fluent level and try to write some letters in English themselves, they still ask our interpreters to check their grammar and correct it if there are some mistakes.

.To be continued.

Oksana Boichenko. Oksanalove, Inc. The matchmaker with 12 years of experience in the online dating business. Thousands of happy marriages, thousands of successful matches and millions of amazing datings. And you can find your second half - just visit our site and find YOUR Russian bride!

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